Welcome to Stan Mitchell Enterprises, Coaching the Collision Repair Facility to achieve its full potential. Our TechTalk forum is dedicated to engage the repair technician in the process, They are integral to your viability today and in the future.

slide1vinYou care because it’s Your business, Your dream, Your future. I care for that same reason.

Hello my name is Bill Sefcek, I started in the shop sweeping floors and observing collision shop operations and repairs. Collision repair has been my life for more than 40 years. I have spent 18 of those years in the shop and in the recent past I have worked with the repair facility from the insurance side of things.

It has been my experience that the #1 challenge for the Collision Repair facility is, and respectfully so, in the execution and delivery of consistent, reliable and predictable results. I have created Stan Mitchell Enterprises with the intention of providing a solution.

Through collaboration with Stan Mitchell enterprises we will identify opportunity and deliver results leading to maximized efficiency and increased profitability.

Stan Mitchell associates are dedicated Collision Repair Experts with careers of experience in the facility, the vendor and insurance environments.  We will become a trusted stakeholder in your operation and assist in your preparation and readiness to implement change.

In working together we will help you achieve a high-performance culture rooted in your core values, understood and embraced by your employees. The number one asset you have is your staff. The appreciation for their efforts cannot be undervalued. Without them, well you know the rest of that story. Our combined attention in affording them the environment and culture to excel in will be key to sustained success.

We will continue in an ongoing relationship assuring you sustain momentum in the environment we have helped you create.

The singular focus for me and all Stan Mitchell associates is to be your trusted authority, a “Partner in your Progress”.