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For those of you who attended on October 22nd the Columbus Ohio Collision Technician Symposium or interested in the information shared the presentation power points are available below,

    Honda -OEM 1 Stop and consumer awareness

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Ever have a question to ask of or a thought to share with your peers ?   This is the spot.

Go ahead, ask a question or answer a question, interact with your fellow repair technicians.

Do you wonder how others manage through challenging repairs or situations or have you learned a better way to a solution ?

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Get involved

Hello this is Bill Sefcek and I would like to hear from you in respect to the engagement you as a repair technician have in the collision repair industry.  You are the most important part of the repair process.  It is you that put tool to task and produce the repair.  How are you doing with that ?  What challenges do you face day to day ?  What is the most satisfying feeling you get in the completion of a repair ?

Don't you think there are others having similar days as you who would appreciate a conversation with you ?  It is time you become engaged with the industry not only in your shop but all over the country.  Please use this site as a place you can comfortably and sincerely share experiences and ask those questions that keep you awake at night.  There are an awful lot of you out there just hoping for answers and many of you wanting help your peers through a challenging time.

Get engaged in the industry that you have chosen as a career, the one that you are proud of and that gives you the resources to live and raise your family.

Now get to it !!!


how do we get the front of the house and the back of the house on the same page ?most of the time it seems like the managers have no clue as to what actually happens out in the shop.